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Screen Printing Info & Pricing:

Minimum: There is a 12 shirt minimum per design/ink color & color change for screen printing jobs in our shop

Artwork Requirements: All artwork should be print sized. All artwork should be submitted as vector or 300dpi raster. All fonts should be converted to outlines or curves. Artwork should be submitted in either, .ai, .eps, .pdf, or .cdr.  **See additional info below**

Color Matching: No colors shown on mock-ups, logos, artwork, or the like should be considered color matched to a Pantone (PMS) color. We will do our best to match the color, however, we will not perform any color matching without your expressed written request. PMS Color matching is billed per quote.

Dark Garments Flashing: All dark garments will require a second color for the flash. As such, please price the next color column for all dark garments.

Infant and Youth Sizes: We're happy to print youth sizes but what looks best on a 3XL won't fit on a Youth XS tee.  These items require a new set of screens and will be billed as such. 

Turnaround Time: Typical turnaround time is 7-15 business days + shipping time. Turnaround time is only an estimate, is not guaranteed and starts when your order is paid for AND we have Proof/Mockup approval to complete your job. Complex designs or orders with extra add-ons may increase turnaround time. Allow for at least 3 additional days for interior printed tags. The most up-to-date turnaround time will be listed on your quote and invoice. If you have a deadline for your order, you must let us know when placing your order and a rush fee may imply. Taking longer than 24 hours to approve your digital proofs may delay your order. Any circumstances out of Black Dogs control (ie: weather delays, shipping errors by the supplier, etc.) may also require more time and are not factored into the initial turn around time estimate.

Rush Services:​​ Print quality is our first priority. If we can accommodate a rush without jeopardizing the order, we will accept rush orders.

Rush fees are as follows:

Less than 10 days - 15% increase | 7 Day -20% Increase | 6 Day -25% Increase

5 Day -30% Increase | 4 Day-40% Increase | 3 Day -50% Increase

Screen Printing Pricing Matrix

Our screen printing service pricing is based on four major criteria.

  • Number of items –  Effectively, this is the number of garments.

  • Number of Print locations – Speaks for itself

  • Number of colors – Simply put, this is the total number of colors in the design

  • Specialty Services – Finishing and add-on services such as neck labels, folding or specialty inks.

  • GARMENTS PRICING (the cost of your T-Shirt etc...) IS SEPARATE AND ADDITIONAL.

While we can try to estimate the price of your project based on these criteria, it’s always best to contact us directly for a quote. 

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Per Print Price (Does Not Include garment Cost)

Quantity        1 Color    2 Color    3 Color    4 Color    5 Color    6 Color

12-23            $6.09     $6.34      ------------     ------------       -----------        -------------

24-47            $5.54     $5.76      $5.99     ------------       -----------        -------------

48-95            $5.03     $5.24      $5.44     $5.65      $5.85      $6.06

96-143          $4.58     $4.76      $4.95     $5.13      $5.32      $5.51

144-299        $4.16     $4.33      $4.50     $4.67      $4.84      $5.01

300-499        $3.74     $3.90      $4.05     $4.20      $4.35      $4.50

500-749        $3.37     $3.51      $3.64     $3.78      $3.92      $4.05      

750-999        $3.03     $3.16      $3.28     $3.40      $3.53      $3.65

1000 +          Contact us

Example: Tee Shirt Cost $4.00 + $6.09 per Single Color Print = $10.09ea (For Qnty of 12-23)

Additional Locations Per Color

12-23:     $2.75

24-47:     $2.50

48-99:     $2.25

100-149: $1.75

250-499: $1.50

500+       $1.25

Direct to Garment (Digital Prints) 

1:     $20

5:     $15

12:   $10

24:   $9.75

50:   $9.50

+ Cost of Garment

$5 per additional print location

Inks, Additives, and Transfers (priced per piece)


  • WATER-BASED inks add $0.50

  • DISCHARGE inks add $1.50

  • SPECIALTY Inks (High density, Gel, Puff, Glow, or Glitter) add $0.50

  • Additive for Nylon jackets add $.50

  • Foil adhesive additive add $.75

Additional Pricing Info:

Screen Fees: We do not charge screen fees unless your order is below our minimum quantity at $25 per screen.
Basic Artwork Setup: $15 to setup all non-print ready artwork.
Advanced Artwork Setup: $60\hour for additional art design, setup, and format artwork. (30 minute minimum)
Color Changes: $10 per screen per color change. There is a 12 shirt minimum per color.
PMS Color Matching: We can match any color! $10/ea

Will You Save My Screens?

We do not save your screens.  At the end of each week we reclaim all of our used screens to begin printing the next jobs for the following week.  We go through  a lot of screens per week and therefore need to reclaim and reuse our screens very frequently. Because of this, we do not hold screens on file for potential future use. 

A Word About Artwork 

To ensure that we provide you with screen prints to the highest standard, we need to ensure we have the correct files before the job can begin. It is important to ensure the artwork you are supplying is either the size it is going to be printed or larger, otherwise if we have to enlarge a smaller file, detail can be lost. See below the file types that we accept when setting up your job to be screen printed.


Vector files are our most preferred type of file when setting up a screen print job. The reason for this is the file can easily be made larger or smaller without compromising the quality of the artwork. It is important that you or your designer doesn't just save other images or designs like JPEG's in a vector file, it's important that the design and any text in the design has been expanded to outlines.

- Adobe Illustrator Files (.ai)

- Vector files that are saved as .pdf or .eps (ensure all artwork and text has been expanded to outlines)


Raster artwork is artwork that has usually been created or scanned into Photoshop and does not have outlines like a vector file. The file size is very important when creating your artwork in Photoshop to ensure it is larger than the print and is a minimum of 300dpi.

- Saved as a Photoshop file (.psd)

- Must be the same size as you plan it to be printed or larger

- All raster images must have a resolution of 300dpi or more

- Fonts need to be rasterised or sent to our team

- All raster must be in the original colour space. We suggest full colour graphics in RGB, if your file has been submitted in CMYK please do not convert to RGB as some colour data maybe be lost.


We cannot accept the below files because they do not have enough information saved within them to screen print from:



- Microsoft Word Doc

We have an expert in-house design team that can help create your artwork from scratch or redraw your current artwork if it is not currently saved in the correct format. Any design assistance we provide, we charge for but the files are yours to keep when they are completed.

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