What can we do to help our community? What can we do to help those businesses? What can we do to help our shop?

Above is a collection of Small businesses in our community, they are the backbone of our community and have supported events and causes throughout the years, It’s our turn to help support them.

Politics and Opinions aside we can all agree that we are in a strange time.

Everyones working from home, bars and restaurants are closed, toilet paper is sold out everywhere, people were not washing their hands?
Quietly the businesses that are such a big part of our day to day lives are collectively holding their breath while they navigate their plate full of obstacles.

This started in Richmond. Richmond is a beautiful and resilient community, for the last few years we have worked with many of the different small businesses and restaurants, either directly or putting their logos on events they sponsor throughout the year. At this point we all know the restaurant, bar and service industries are going to be hit hardest. These establishments are there for us, let’s take an opportunity to be a part of their pandemic support team.

We are going to run online stores and print and ship Bi weekly. We Kept the artwork and shirt options simple to maximize the money generated. Here is the transparent math, each shirt costs 20 dollars, 10 dollars will go directly to the employees of the establishment you purchased your shirt from, 10 dollars will go to our team at Black Dog. This covers, blanks, credit card fees, packaging, and our labour costs. At this time all orders will be shipped.

Let’s try and and do our best to make sure that all of us can return to some normalcy. Same friendly faces, same awesome places.

Together we are the local small business pandemic support team.

Small Businesses are the backbone of our community and have supported a variety of causes, events, and moments over the years. They are the backbone of any good community. It’s our turn to help support them. Preorder a shirt, and help us, help them bridge the weird moment of time. Together we are the local small business pandemic support team. 10 Dollars from every purchase will go to the Business you have purchased from..

We will continue to produce shirts as long as we can. With that said, times are changing quickly, as long as we can secure inventory, are allowed to, and can safely produce apparel. We are all taking the current situation seriously and doing everything we are expected to and more. With that said payouts are our priority, we’ll be issuing these bi weekly as well.

The amount of people handling garments in the supply chain is extensive, warehouse workers, vendors, UPS, USPS. Garments are treated twice by us via heat at 350 Degrees. The are then packaged, in poly mailers, Please be take additional caution, when opening, We recommend opening and disposing packing, washing hands, and then washing the shirt prior to wearing. 

We are taking things day by day our main priority is again to pay out the establishment, if things get really weird please know the inventory is here and you will receive your purchase as soon as it is safe to carry on.

Interested in nominating or or getting your establishment on here?