Need to throw a fundraiser?


Are you looking to raise funds for an event, group, or cause? Selling t-shirts is a great way to make that happen, but sometimes it can be difficult to estimate how many shirts you'll need and to gather payment for the order upfront. No worries though, just check out our No-Risk Fundraising service!

How it works:

  1. Fill out the form below

  2. Provide your artwork / design

  3. Choose the duration of your Fundraiser

What we do:

  1. Black Dog Printing will create an Online Order page where you can send friends and family to purchase shirts

  2. We'll collect the money, print the shirts, and mail the orders directly to those who purchased

  3. At the end of the Fundraiser period we will cut you a check for the profits*

​Additional Details

  • All shirts are sold for $20, plus sales tax and shipping (additional $2.50 for 2XL and $4 for 3XL sizes)

  • Maximum of 2 ink colors for artwork / design

  • Front print only on shirts

  • Minimum of 10 shirts must be ordered for shirts to be printed, if minimum is not met customers will be refunded

  • Profit Disbursement Policy    

           10-19 Shirts Sold: You receive $5 per shirt​

           20 - 49 Shirts Sold: You receive $7.50 per shirt

           50+ Shirts Sold: You receive $10.00 per shirt